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12 Prompts for Blogging

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I admit, I was skeptical of AI a few months ago. I wouldn’t even consider using it for my blog. As my full-time income, it’s my baby.

That is until I learned a bit of prompting. And even more so when ChatGPT 4 came out.

I started by using third-party tools that use AI to try to write blog posts, and it’s just not the same. My latest purchase was for a tool costing $300, but I never use it. It’s similar to what you get from hiring an inexperienced writer. While the words make sense, the subheadings are just off and it’s not a great post.

And we need great posts more than ever to rank above the competition and dodge Google’s algorithm updates.

So, I’ve been head-down and learning prompting for blogging. While I’m not an expert, I’ve been growing my website by 30% month over month after using ChatGPT with specific prompts.

Here’s what I found when I use just 12 prompts:

  • Quality information, close or better to what you can write
  • Not affected by Google Rankings
  • Up 30% month over month

I use these prompts to create ideas, outline content, and then of course—write it.

If you’re familiar with Project 24, I even have a prompt that does answer paragraphs (the bolded paragraph you see on every blog post). I was pretty good at word-smithing these, but the ones created from the prompt are far better.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Keyword Research/Generation
  2. Personality 1 (Traveler)
  3. Personality 2 (Baker)
  4. Personality 3 (Digital Nomad)
  5. Subheading Outline
  6. Introduction
  7. Answer Paragraph
  8. Write Each Subheading
  9. Create Original Tables
  10. Add Quotes from Experts
  11. Conclusion
  12. Add Outbound Links/Sources

These 12 prompts are the ones I regularly use. With them, I can create a blog post as good, or better than what I can create within just a few minutes.

Of course, AI is only as good as its prompt. Once you realize this, everything changes.

I hesitated in sharing these prompts as it would invite more competition for me, but I’d rather help us all grow instead of keeping it just to myself. Grab your copy today.

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All 12 Prompts I Use To Grow My Blogging Business 30% Month Over Month

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12 Prompts for Blogging

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