An Organic Companion Planting Guide eBook

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Supercharge your garden with the power of companion planting.

Why Companion Plants?

Unlock the benefits of companion planting to:

  • Fix Nitrogen
  • Boost Pollination
  • Repel Pests
  • & More!

Planting strawberries, onions, carrots, and marigolds together for maximum benefits such as increasing pollination and pest resistance.

Book Overview

Chapter 1: Companion Planting Benefits

Chapter 2: Flowers

Chapter 3: Herbs

Chapter 4: Vegetables

Chapter 5: Fruits

Chapter 6: How to Choose, Plant, and Grow Companion Plants (6 Steps)

Chapter 7: 5 Example Groups of Companion Plants

Chapter 8: When to Plant Companion Plants

Chapter 9: Pest and Disease-Preventing Companion Plants

Chapter 10: Identifying New Companion Plants

Meet Your Instructor

Tyler Ziton is a former techie, now permaculture designer currently living in Austin, Texas. Originally from Orlando, FL, Tyler grew up tending citrus trees and helping out in the garden. Now, with over 20 years of casual gardening experience, he’s putting it into practice and studying Permaculture Design at Oregon State University.

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What Others Say

"Companion planting was something I wanted to do but didn't know where to start. After reading Tyler's book I became more confident and found the plants that work best in my garden." - Amy - Laurel, MS

"My fruit trees love all of the flowers I found in this book. Thanks for the help!" - Jacqueline - Los Angeles, CA

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You'll get: A PDF copy of my eBook along with a Bonus Guide

100 Pages
10 Chapters
5 Example Companion Groups
A Bonus 100-Plant Companion Guide


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An Organic Companion Planting Guide eBook

5 ratings